Critical Reference Guide to be distributed to Westminster

January 29, 2014 by Tracy

Framework 2013The Association of Air Ambulances (AAA) will deliver its newly revised Framework for a High Performing Air Ambulance Service to Government Ministers and a number of influential MP’s in the last week of January.

The 50-page document will be distributed to the specific ministers and the All Party Parliamentary Group for Air Ambulances (APPGAA) and replaces its predecessor which was published back in 2008.  It provides a detailed overview through which Air Ambulance Services and the NHS Ambulance Trusts / Foundations can further develop and deliver a high-performing, consistent, patient-focused critical care service.

Members of the AAA participated extensively in the Framework’s content by sharing critical core areas of competence and best practice. 

The new publication updates all information covered in the 2008 publication and gives a detailed overview of the following key areas:  Pre-Hospital Care, Background to the Air Ambulance Sector, Trustee and Governance Models, Clinical Standards and Governance, Operational Management, Dispatch, Staff and Training and provides a number of conclusions.

The Framework does not advocate a specific model, but instead recognises the need for services tailored to meet the demands of the varying local care environments.  It has been developed and produced with the express purpose of improving patient outcomes and recognises the importance of Critical Care, Major Trauma Networks and other specialist care pathways such as dedicated Burns Networks.

The process of continual improvement through collaboration is key to the on-going success of air ambulances.  The Association encourages all air ambulances and ambulance services to be cognisant of this document.